Sectional Qualifiers – Men’s Pairs

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All the sectional winners and next best qualifers who proceed to the Men’s Pairs knockout rounds Section 1: S. Soper (NSW), T. Aitchinson (NSW)
Section 2: J. Herbert (NSW), J. Herbert (NSW)
Section 3: T. Nathan (QLD), P. Westcott (NSW)
Section 4: S. Ingham (QLD), K. Brown (QLD)
Section 5: H. Degasso (NSW), J. Zephyr (QLD)
Section 6: S. Wyatt (WA), D. Fisher (WA)
Section 7: R. Hall (VIC), G. Kirk (VIC)
Section 8: B. Walsh (NSW), J. Groenewege (QLD)
Section 9: J. Studham (SA), J. Davis (NSW)
Section 10: S. Garvey (NSW), A. Sherriff (NSW)
Section 11: G. Harkins (ADF/NT), W. Jones (ADF/SA)
Section 12: I. Groves (ADF/QLD), P. Black (ADF/ACT)
Section 13: C. Slavich (WA), C. Packer (WA)
Section 14: L. Schiulaz (QLD), J. Schiulaz (QLD)
Section 15: A. Halls (SA), N. Miller (SA)
Section 16: M. Rusli (Malaysia), I. Dzulkeple (Malaysia)
Section 17: A. Law (QLD), I. Law (QLD)
Section 18: J. Greening (QLD), G. Lyon (QLD)
Section 19: D. Billington (QLD), T. Somerville (QLD)
Section 20: S. Gibson (NSW), S. Halmai (NSW)
Section 21: S. Franklin (QLD), M. Miller (NT)
Section 22: S. Leonard (QLD), D. McWhinney (QLD)
Section 23: M. Clarke (NSW), M. Lewis (NSW)
Section 24: S. Walker (WA), G. Pauling (WA)
Section 25: M. Vaughan (VIC), A. Ash (VIC)
Section 26: C. Ziebell (QLD), M. Keegan (QLD)
Section 27:  K. Liddell (UK), A. Liddell (QLD)
Section 28: A. Fawcett (NSW), D. Phillips (NSW)
Section 29: B. Leighton (VIC), G. Hopwood (NSW)
Section 30: A. Rees (NSW), A. Appleby (NSW)
Section 31: I. Stone (NSW), S. Franklin (NSW)
Section 32: M. McLean (ACT), A. Howie (QLD)
Section 33: W. Masters (QLD), S. McLachlan (QLD)
Section 34: M. Munn (NSW), B. Ahoy (NSW)
Section 35: B. Lester (VIC), W. Wilson (QLD)
Section 36: B. Seaman (NSW), M. Masula (NSW)
Section 37: D. Dunlop (QLD), G. Irons (NSW)
Section 38: J. Henry (NSW), A. Teys (NSW)
Section 39: S. Coffey (QLD), G. Pearson (QLD)
Section 40: M. Reid (QLD), R. Brassey (NSW)
Section 41: D. Walker (NSW), D. Hook (NSW)
Section 42: R. Wild (QLD), S. Baker (QLD)
Section 43: R. Pearse (NSW), K. Kerkow (QLD)
Section 44: J. Noronha (NSW), D. Ferguson (NSW)
Section 45: S. Pyers (VIC), A. Walker (VIC)
Section 46: I. Taylor (NSW), M. Turner (NSW)
Section 47: K. Wessels (South Africa), N. Burkett (NSW)
Section 48: B. Litfin (QLD), C. Litfin (QLD)
Section 49: B. Dean (QLD), G. Pitts (NSW)
Section 50: T. Corba (QLD), M. Bannah (QLD)
Section 51: S. De Jongh Fitzpatrick (QLD), S. Gittoes (NSW)
Section 52: M. Abd Rais (MAS), F. Abd Muin (MAS)
Section 53: J. Balzarolo (QLD), B. Hoey (QLD)
Section 54: T. Cunningham (NSW), S. Dalton (NSW)
Section 55: M. Anderson (NSW), K. Lehfeldt (NSW)
Section 56: N. Wilson (VIC), A. Wilson (VIC)
Section 57: D. Bond (VIC), B. Zarins (WA)
Section 58: John Brewer (WA), Jayson Brewer (VIC)
Section 59: Z Redzuan (MAL), M Abd Jabal (MAL)
Section 60:M Kaufer (SA), P Kaufer (SA)

Section 61:M Spring (QLD), C Bailey (QLD)
Section 62:M Flapper (VIC), M Kleinig (SA)

Section 63:S Santana (CAN), P Bird (CAN)
Section 64:P Thorn (VIC), M Humphreys (NSW)

Section 65:G Oats (VIC), G Sanders (VIC)
Section 66:L Adams (CAN), M Ayres (WA)
Section 67:A Vesty (NSW), R Werner (NSW)
Section 68:W Shipley (NSW), D Hill (NSW)
Section 69:J Turnbull (QLD), J Nelson (QLD)
Section 70:B Andrews (NSW), G Douglas (NSW)
Section 71:T Russell (VIC), C Wilson (VIC)
Section 72:W Jones (QLD), A Neven (QLD)
Section 73:M Gorrie (NSW), C O’Neill (NSW)
Section 74:W Jacobs (NSW), P Sharp (NSW)
Section 75:P Kite (QLD), R Graff (QLD)
Section 76:M Miles (NSW), C Herden (NSW)
Section 77:D Hatter (QLD), K Farrelly (QLD)
Section 78:J Green (NSW), W Turley (NSW)
Section 79:G Ingham (QLD), M Waitai (QLD)
Section 80:M Amir (MAL), M Ramli (MAL)
Section 81:A Lucas (SA), J Gregory (SA)
Section 82:M Landon (QLD), A Hyde (QLD)
Section 83:R Herbet (NSW), R Bull (NSW)
Section 84:G Greoger (QLD), A O’Meagher (QLD)
Section 85:J Goodwin (NZ), K Robertsen (NZ)
Section 86:T Trewarne (VIC), D McKinnon (VIC)
Section 87:M Carley (ADF/QLD), R Wise (ADF/VIC)
Section 88:J Rudd (VIC), I Brimblecombe (VIC)
Section 89:G Mounsey (QLD), B Baldwin (QLD)
Section 90:A Taylor (QLD), R Glasser (QLD)
Section 91:W Falkoner (NSW), L Selby (NSW)
Section 92:J McCaron (VIC), E Johannes (ACT)
Section 93:W Emerson (VIC), L Dwyer (QLD)
Section 94:J Christie (QLD), J Corless (VIC)
Section 95:W Mutzelburg (QLD), J Andersen (NSW)
Section 96:M Abonnel (WA), G White (WA)
Section 97:C Wills (NSW), R Southam (NSW)
Section 98:G Maskell (QLD), L Schraner (TAS)
Section 99:S Mosey (WA), W Nevill (WA)
Section 100:R Gascoigne (QLD), L Day (QLD)
Section 101:K McGuire (NSW), D Riley (NSW)
Section 102:G Brown (NSW), S Grigg (NSW)
Section 103:T Pappas (NSW), D Roper (NSW)
Section 104:J Thornton (VIC), J Coles (VIC)
Section 105:S Brown (QLD), S Parkes (QLD)
Section 106:J Norris (VIC), A Davidson (NSW)
Section 107:G Lawson (QLD), R Bester (QLD)
Section 108:D Pashley (QLD) A Dagley (QLD)
Next best qualifier 1:P Rowe (NSW), M Rowe (NSW)
Next best qualifier 2:L Such (NSW), P Girdler (NSW/NZ)
Next best qualifier 3:D Christie (NSW), G Jeans (NSW)
Next best qualifier 4:S Dennis (SA), N Pedersen (NSW)
Next best qualifier 5:S Glasson (NSW), B Glasson (NSW)
Next best qualifier 6:B Melville (NSW), G Shillington (QLD)
Next best qualifier 7:L Day (SA), T Wilson (SA)
Next best qualifier 8:J Newell (QLD), S Tong (QLD)
Next best qualifier 9:M Harvey (NSW), N Wise (NSW)
Next best qualifier 10:D Morrison (NSW), A Forsyth (VIC/NZ)
Next best qualifier 11:G Davis (SA), K Glasson (SA)
Next best qualifier 12:D Skinner (NSW), C Wedlock (NSW)
Next best qualifier 13:K Anderson (QLD), R Burnett (QLD)
Next best qualifier 14:N Gosley (QLD), B McCall (NSW)
Next best qualifier 15:B Walsh (QLD), G Rolls (QLD)
Next best qualifier 16:C Fountain (UK), C Kane (UK)
Next best qualifier 17:J Watkins (NSW), S Little (NSW)
Next best qualifier 18:J Turner (NSW), H McDonald (NSW)
Next best qualifier 19:R Briglia (VIC), C O’Meagher (VIC)
Next best qualifier 20: R Dixon (QLD), N Appleton (QLD)