Sectional Draws & Results

For the first time, the Sectional Draws Listing and BowlsLink Draws and Results have been released simultaneously, and can be used in conjunction with each other.

The Sectional Draws Listing provides an easy way to search for an individual to find their section number, which can then be used in the BowlsLink Draws and Results to locate their match details and results.

Sectional Draws Listing:

Using the Sectional Draws Listing, participants will be able to see which section they’re in, who else is in the section, the venue they will play at and the date their section will be played for each discipline.

In order to quickly locate a specific player in each discipline’s Sectional Draw Listing, simply use the keyboard shortcut for the Find command, which is Control+F on a PC, or Command+F on a Mac. Press these two buttons together to bring up the search box, then type the name of the player and hit enter.

BowlsLink Draws and Results:

The BowlsLink Draws and Results have also been released, which outlines the order players compete against their section’s opponents, and which rink/green each match will be played.

First use the Sectional Draws Listing for each discipline to locate a specific player’s section number, then go directly to that section in the BowlsLink Draws and Results.