Claiming prize money

Winners of prize money are to fill out an online form, via the link below.

Players should fill out the form once they have completed all events. All prize money obtained from each event is to be completed on the one form.

Players will still be required to complete this form, even if they have filled out details on BowlsLink.

Players that have won prize money at the 2024 Australian Open must complete the prize money claim form below, indicating the discipline that you have won prize money and the total prize money you have won.

Once the form has been received, our event staff will review the claim. Approved claims will be processed fortnightly.

Click here to enter your details and claim your 2024 prize money.

Please note:

  • All prize-money not claimed within twelve (12) months of the final day of competition of this event will be donated to the Bowls Australia Disaster Relief fund.