Match Times & Format

Match times & Time Limits

The first match of each day (barring a few minor exceptions during the final two days) will begin at 9am, with 8:45am trial ends.

Matches 2 and 3 are scheduled for 11:45am and at 2:30pm respectively, with trial ends beginning on the bell.

All times listed are local Gold Coast times (AEST).

During sectional rounds, all sections will be played at the same club on one day; this means that participants do not need to move from club to club within a match day.

Until the quarter-final rounds, all matches will be run to a 2 hour, 15 minute time limit. From quarter-finals onwards, Open Singles, Pairs and Fours matches will be untimed, while all other disciplines will be limited to a maximum of 3 hours.


The match formats for all relevant disciplines are as follows:

Singles: 4 bowls each, 21 shots up (shots in excess of 21 do not count).

Pairs: 3 bowls each, 18 ends.

Fours: 2 bowls each, 15 ends.

Para pairs: 3 bowls each, 15 ends.

If a jack comes to rest outside of the playing boundaries, it will be respotted at the T (see section 2.10 of the CoP).