Thank-you for volunteering your time

by admin

We have wonderful volunteers working hard to make the Australian Open a success and some of those friendly faces are on our help desk assisting participants The world’s biggest festival of bowls wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated volunteers working tirelessly to help manage over 2,000 participants and spectators across 14 Gold Coast Bowling Clubs. 

Many bowlers and spectators will come to know the friendly faces of the three musketeers on the help desk, in the form of Ivan Hicks from Manangatang Bowls Club, Noel Burgess from Woodbury Bowls Club, and Harvie Hele from Glen Waverley B.C. 

With over 20 years of experience shared between them, the 2016 Australian Open will see Harvie and Ivan celebrate their anniversary of 10 years working at the event, and Noel coming back for a second year here on the Gold Coast. 

“It’s great to be involved with such a large event and get to see some top-quality bowls,” said Noel Burgess. 

“The organisational challenge is one I enjoy, as well as the camaraderie and fellowship that you get from being in involved not only with other volunteers, but the team people, officials and of course the players,” said Harvie Hele.

Calling Broadbeach Bowls Club home once again, the three gents are more than happy to return to the newly renovated venue. 

“It’s as central as you can get on the Gold Coast; so close to not only the other bowls clubs, but restaurants, shops, public transport and accommodation,” said Ivan. 

For the three volunteers, a highlight of the entire event is definitely the finals. 

Fox Sports will televise the final two days of the competition, from 11:00am – 5:00pm on June 23 and 24. 

“The excitement and euphoria you get with the large crowds and the television coverage of this event is a great wind off to the Australian Open,” said Harvie. 

“You see some unbelievable bowls. 

“The crowd and spectators get involved, the background music, the hype, it gives you that euphoria and excitement for the final.” 

For any questions, queries or concerns, our friendly help desk are located as you enter the clubhouse at Broadbeach Bowls Club. 

“Whenever you need anything, we’re here to help to the best of our ability,” says Noel.