It is Bowls Australia’s and each host venue’s best intentions to ensure the safety of each participant, official and spectator attending the Australian Open.

We ask all participants to remember to practice safe hygiene practices regularly throughout each day. Additionally, we ask participants to view the below safety guidelines before travelling to the event:-

Within the past 7 days…YESNO
Have you had Coronavirus?  
If yes to the above, are you symptom free?  
Have you experienced any of the following symptoms:  
–  Fever  
– Cough  
– Fatigue  
– Sore throat  
– Chest pains  
– Congestion  
– Headache  
– Chills  
– Nausea/vomiting  
– Diarrhoea  

Participants, officials and spectators attending the Australian Open no longer are required to be double vaccinated to enter each host venue, in line with updated Queensland government restrictions.