BowlsLinks Draw & Results

The full BowlsLink Draws for this year’s Australian Open will be made available closer to the event.

Players will have access to information relating to the order in which they’ll play the opposition in their section and which rink/green each match will be played.

The BowlsLink Draws & Results can be used in conjunction with the Sectional Draws; the Sectional Draws provide an easy way to search for an individual to find their section number, which can then be used in the BowlsLink Draws & Results to locate their match details and results.

BowlsLink Draws & Results: (made available closer to event starting)


  • Men’s Singles Sectional
  • Women’s Singles Sectional
  • Men’s Pairs Sectional
  • Women’s Pairs Sectional
  • Men’s Fours Sectional
  • Women’s Fours Sectional
  • Over-60s Men’s Pairs Sectional
  • Over-60s Women’s Pairs Sectional
  • Under-18 Boys’ Sectional
  • Under-18 Girls’ Sectional
  • Multi-Disability Open Singles Men Sectional
  • Multi-Disability Open Singles Women Sectional
  • Multi-Disability Open Pairs Sectional
  • Vision-Impaired Open Singles Sectional
  • Vision-Impaired Open Pairs Sectional
  • Mixed Pairs Support Event


  • Men’s Singles Knockout
  • Women’s Singles Knockout
  • Men’s Pairs Knockout
  • Women’s Pairs Knockout
  • Men’s Fours Knockout
  • Women’s Fours Knockout
  • Over-60s Men’s Pairs Knockout
  • Over-60s Women’s Pairs Knockout
  • Under-18 Boys’ Knockout
  • Under-18 Girls’ Knockout
  • Multi-Disability Open Men’s Singles Knockout
  • Multi-Disability Open Women’s Singles Knockout
  • Multi-Disability Open Pairs Knockout
  • Vision-Impaired Open Singles Knockout
  • Vision-Impaired Open Pairs Knockout