With bowlers from far and wide, the Australian Open is truly worldly

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For Canadian John Siteman, the Australian Open encompasses everything he loves about the sport and more.  For Canadian John Siteman, the Australian Open encapsulates everything he loves about the sport and more. 

Turning 21 this year, the man who hails from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has already competed in two AO events and is set to enter again this year. 

Having played the sport for eight years in a country where the sport is building, the public relations officer has nothing but praise for the world’s richest bowls event. 
“There are many things that attract me to the AO. For me, it’s being able to be a part of the biggest bowls event in the world,” he said. 

“Events like these give me the opportunity to compete for my country, meet people from around the world and compete against the best players in the world.

“My first time at the AO I got to play against Kelvin Kerkow and Ray Pearse.

“I’m a bowls fan so that was one of the most amazing things.”

Making the experience sweeter, Siteman has been able to experience all the benefits the AO has to offer with his mother by his side. 

Also a competitive bowler, the duo have made the trip to Australia over the past two years an annual staple on their calendar.

“We get the opportunity to come from Canada and compete against top competition in the world on some of the best greens in what is a true festival of bowls,” he said.

“It’s something we both look forward to every year, representing Canada as a family in bowls.”

Situated on the eastern coast of Canada, Siteman says his community, and indeed the nation is gradually becoming more and more in tune with the sport of bowls.

Helping the cause is the likes of Ryan Bester, who is representing Canada on the world stage of bowls at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. 

“We’re building on it,” he said. 

“We only have four bowling clubs in our area and only two outside of our city but we’re really building on getting it out there in the media and trying to tell the story about this new, exciting look of bowls.”

Over 2,000 bowlers from across Australia, and indeed the world are expected to attend again, with entry being completely open to any registered bowler!

Not only is the AO the World’s Biggest Bowls Festival, it is also the richest bowls event in the world with a staggering total of over $250,000 prize money across more than 780 prize money placings in the 16 disciplines.

Bowlers can enter any one of the open disciplines on offer (singles, pairs and fours) or enter age-specific Under-18, Over-60s or Bowlers with a Disability events – for a full breakdown of the disciplines head to australianopen.bowlsaustralia.com.au!

Click here to enter in the 2018 AO! Entries close April 15