Reigning champions advance to over-60s women’s pairs and BWD knockout rounds

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Reigning champions Faye Luke and Therese Hastings have advanced to the over-60s women’s pairs knockout stages at the 2017 Australian Open, while defending Multi Disability Pairs champions Nathan Appleton and Josh Barry also advanced. Find out who else earned a spot as a sectional winner or next best qualifier. The defending over-60s women’s pairs champions, Faye Luke and Therese Hastings, have narrowly escaped the sectional rounds of the 2017 Australian Open.

The Bowls Australia National Training Centre Coaches earned a spot in the knockout rounds of the competition, in the second next best qualifier position, with 7 points and +5 shots.

They face a quality field of opponents who have advanced to the elimination stages, but won’t enjoy any respite, with the round of 32 set to be played tomorrow morning from 9.00am at Paradise Point.

We also saw the defending champions of the Multi Disability Pairs, Nathan Appleton (North Toowoomba, QLD) and Josh Barry (Sebastopol, VIC), qualify for the finals of their discipline despite dropping a sectional match, and last year’s Vision Impaired Pairs champions Chris Backstrom (New Farm, QLD) and Jake Fehlberg (Burleigh Heads, QLD); both teams will be looking to repeat their triumphs in the BWD Pairs finals rounds on Thursday.

Click here to view the full knockout draw for the over-60s women’s pairs.
Click here to view the full knockout draw for the BWD events.

Section winners and next best qualifiers for the over-60s women’s pairs:
Winner of Section 1: J Lynn (QLD), M. Panousis (QLD)
Winner of Section 2: P. Mansell (SA), A. Russell (SA)
Winner of Section 3: J. Fleming (QLD), Y. Taylor (QLD)
Winner of Section 4: B. Shea (QLD), V. Mahony (QLD)
Winner of Section 5: C. Azzopardi (QLD), B. Townsend (QLD)
Winner of Section 6: G. Crompton (QLD), D. Cunnington (QLD)
Winner of Section 7: H. Hayward (QLD), M. McMahon (QLD)
Winner of Section 8: G. Sheehan (NSW), M. Smith (NSW)
Winner of Section 9: J. Bowen (QLD), B. Greening (QLD)
Winner of Section 10: C. McLatchey (QLD), T. Thomas (QLD)
Winner of Section 11: V. Young (NSW), J. Beverley (NSW)
Winner of Section 12: A. Pershouse (QLD), M. Geary (QLD)
Winner of Section 13: B. Cowie (QLD), J. Laws (QLD)
Winner of Section 14: K. Hardcastle (NSW), L. Davey (NZ)
Winner of Section 15: H. Bernardin (QLD), D. Denford (QLD)
Winner of Section 16: T. Pearce (QLD), M. Lipp (QLD)
Winner of Section 17: J. Sullivan (NT), C. Smolski (NT)
Winner of Section 18: C. Herrmann (SA), M. Chandler (SA)
Winner of Section 19: J. Woodford (NSW), B. White (NSW)
Next best qualifier 1: L. Vringer (SA), S. Coultas (SA)
Next best qualifier 2: F. Luke (SA), T. Hastings (WA)
Next best qualifier 3: M. Stephenson (NSW), S. Connolly (NSW)
Next best qualifier 4: J. Biggs (QLD), D. Howard (NSW)
Next best qualifier 5: I. Arndt (WA), H. Hutton (WA)
Next best qualifier 6: L. Morish (QLD), M. O’Rourke (QLD)
Next best qualifier 7: J. Blundell (QLD), G. Waitai (QLD)
Next best qualifier 8: J. Prosser (SA), D. Milner (SA)
Next best qualifier 9: T. Craven (QLD), L. Dalli (VIC)
Next best qualifier 10: A. Tough (QLD), O. Crowhurst (NSW)
Next best qualifier 11: G. Page (VIC), E. Blackwell (NSW)
Next best qualifier 12: P. Potter (QLD), A. Brady (QLD)
Next best qualifier 13: S. Goode (NSW), K. Potter (NSW)

Section winners and next best qualifiers for the Multi Disability Pairs:
Winner Section 1: P. Walker (NZL), B. Wakefield (NZL)
Winner Section 2: L. Bennett (NZL), G. Reardon (NZL)
Winner Section 3: P. Plackett (NSW), B. Wolland (QLD)
Winner Section 4: N. Appleton (QLD), J. Barry (VIC)
Winner Section 5: D. Wilson (SA), A. Reed (QLD)
Winner Section 6: C. Crawford (NZL), G. Skellern (NZL)
Winner Section 7: K. Hanson (VIC), J. Reynolds (VIC)
Next best qualifier: W. Fraser (QLD), L. Protopapas (VIC)

Section winners and next best qualifiers for the Vision Impaired Pairs:
Winner Section 1: B. Smith (QLD), L. Seymour (QLD) (Directors: M. Smith, B. Seymour)
Winner Section 2: C. Backstorm (QLD), J. Fehlberg (QLD) (Directors unknown)