Warning shots as big guns start to fire

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The big guns have come out firing at the 2017 Australian Open. A star-studded rink skipped by Australian Jackaroo Aaron Wilson headlines today’s men’s fours qualifiers at the 2017 Australian Open, as most of the favourites emerge unscathed.

The highly decorated rink of Sean Ingham (Broadbeach, QLD), Aaron Teys (Warilla, NSW), Corey Wedlock (Cabramatta, NSW) and Aaron Wilson (Cabramatta, NSW) fired a warning shot at the rest of the men’s fours competition, claiming their section’s top placing with 3 dominant wins and +56 shot differential, including a whopping 21-3 victory over a highly credentialed Cabramatta-based rink skipped by NSW state bowler Carl Healey.

Wilson’s rink headlines a list of favourites who have emerged from today’s sectional battles unscathed, including teams skipped by Aron Sherriff (Ettalong Memorial, NSW), Alex Marshall (Scotland), Sean Baker (Hamilton, QLD), Ryan Bester (Broadbeach, QLD), Nathan Rice (Helensvale, QLD), Lee Schraner (Rosny Park, TAS), Fairul Izwan Adb Muin (Malaysia), David Ferguson (Engadine, NSW) and Barrie Lester (Mulgrave, VIC).

The biggest casualties in the men’s fours appears to be New Zealand’s world champion Shannon McIlroy’s rink featuring Max Jaffray, Ian Law and Paul Girdler, who were upstaged by Nathan Rice’s rink and as a result, have crashed out of the competition.

The women’s pairs sectional rounds were also completed today, with defending champions Rebecca Van Asch (Invermay, TAS) and Anne Johns (St Johns Park, NSW) cruising through their section with 3 wins and +53; however, they were topped for the biggest margin today by Jackaroo pair Kelsey Cottrell (St Johns Park, NSW) and Lynsey Clarke (Helensvale, QLD) who won their section with +78.

Again, a number of the highly fancied combatants were victims of the highly competitive competition, with South African internationals Elma Davis and Colleen Piketh (South Africa) bundled out, after winning just one match, with their section eventually being won by Ashleigh Kate Davis and Dianne Davis from Cabramatta.

There are more than a few tantalising men’s fours knockout rounds scheduled to take place tomorrow, alongside the women’s pairs elimination stages.

Commonwealth Games gold medallist and former English representative David Holt, and his team of Shannon White, Brent Norman and Neil Burkett, face a mouth-watering encounter against New Zealand Blackjack Ali Forsyth’s contingent, of Lee Such, John Green and Wayne Turley.

The winner of that battle could encounter another daunting prospect, in Australian Jackaroo Nathan Rice’s Helensvale quartet, of Rohan Wilson, Anthony Kiepe and Des Cann, should they also win tomorrow morning.

NSW stalwart David Ferguson’s team, of Luke Grainger, Mason Lewis and Chris Herden, come against the defending champions of Steven Dennis, Nathan Pedersen, Wayne Ruediger and Scott Thulborn in another thrilling match-up tomorrow.

Women’s Pairs section winners and next best qualifiers:
Winner Section 1: R Van Asch (Tas), A Johns (NSW)
Winner Section 2: K. Cottrell (NSW), L. Clarke (QLD)
Winner Section 3: B. Lane (NSW), M. Freeman (NSW)
Winner Section 4: D. Davis (NSW), A. Davis (NSW)
Winner Section 5: S. Foran (VIC), T. Ferrier (VIC)
Winner Section 6: J. Bostock (QLD), C. Hutchinson (QLD)
Winner Section 33: L. Marsden (NSW), K. Obst (QLD)
Winner Section 34: A. Peart (NSW), M. Gibbs (QLD)
Winner Section 35: L. Quelhurst (QLD), S. Bockett (QLD)
Winner Section 36: J. Srisamruaybai (NSW), J. Hogan (ACT)
Winner Section 37: N. Noh (MAL), A. Arshad (MAL)
NBQ1: J. Gray (NSW), J. Katon (NSW)
NBQ2: R. Turnbull (NSW), L. Marchese (NSW)
NBQ3: J. Stockdale (QLD), T. Smedley (QLD)
NBQ4: P. Howard (QLD), H. Wood-Bradley (QLD)
NBQ5: L. Warburton (WA), L. Featherby (WA)
NBQ6: J. Parks (VIC), M. Forrest (VIC)
NBQ7: Y. Lovelock (QLD), W. Wilson (NSW),
NBQ8: M. Rigby (QLD), J. Bush (QLD)
NBQ9: S. McKenzie (QLD), D. Robertson (QLD)
NBQ10: J. Johnson (QLD), W. Usher (QLD)
NBQ11: C. Krizanic (VIC), N. Scott (NSW)
NBQ12: L. Burton (NSW), D. Brien (NSW)
NBQ13: N. Toomey (NZL), D. Rayner (NZL)
NBQ14: B. Balchin (QLD), M. Clayton (QLD)
NBQ15: C. Hodgetts (TAS), R. White (QLD)
NBQ16: D. Rhine (WA), K. Gobbart (WA)
NBQ17: D. Quick (NSW), C. Myers (NSW)
NBQ18: S. Lund (NSW), R. Riley (NSW)
NBQ19: M. Larcombe (NSW), B. Millerick (QLD)
NBQ20: L. Cuthbertson (NSW), K. Pickering (QLD)
NBQ21: C. Sopher (NSW), J. Lees (NSW)
NBQ22: K. Barton (VIC), C. Protopapas (VIC)
NBQ23: A. Siteman (CAN), J. Sidel (CAN)
NBQ24: J. Allen-Best (QLD), M. Bailey-Nelson (QLD)
NBQ25: K. Ralph (VIC), H. Clough (VIC)
NBQ26: K. Masters (QLD), S. Harmer (ACT)
NBQ27: K. Leslie (NSW), J. Walls (NZL)

Men’s Fours section winners and next best qualifiers:
Winner Section 1: K Ashdown (NSW), D. Southerland (QLD), B. Mitchell (QLD), G. Mitchell (NSW)
Winner Section 2: D. Piketh (SA), G. Baker (SA), G. Lawson (NZL), R. Bester (QLD)
Winner Section 3: C. Wallace (VIC), J Lewis (NSW), J. Berriman (NSW), C. Donaldson (NSW)
Winner Section 4: R. Pearse (NSW), B. Wilkie (QLD), B. Twist (NSW), A. Sherriff (NSW)
Winner Section 5: M. Sargeant (NSW), M. Trikey (VIC), A. Van Haafteen (VIC), R. Gale (VIC)
Winner Section 6: S. Fewster (WA), P. Flack (WA), M. Douthie (WA), S. Davies (WA)
Winner Section 7: B. McCall (NSW), J. Greenhalgh (NSW), B. Eichorn (NSW), P. Taylor (NSW)
Winner Section 8: J. Thornton (VIC), D. McKinnon (VIC), W. Wilson (NSW), B. Lester (VIC)
Winner Section 9: M. Evans (QLD), D. Birch (QLD), C. Jones (QLD), S. Maclachlan (QLD)
Winner Section 10: R. Wilson (QLD), A. Kiepe (QLD), D. Cann (QLD), N. Rice (QLD)
Winner Section 11: J. Mabb (TAS), G. Maskell (QLD), R. McMullen (TAS), L. Schraner (TAS)
Winner Section 12: S. Ingham (QLD), C. Wedlock (QLD), A. Teys (QLD), A. Wilson (QLD)
Winner Section 13: T. Wight (QLD), M. Iacuone (QLD), M. Landon (QLD), A. Hyde (QLD)
Winner Section 14: C. Edwards (NSW), B.Baker (NSW), J. Cook (NSW), D. Morrison (NSW)
Winner Section 15: R. Bannister (TAS), S. Graf (TAS), P. Bannister (TAS), T. Male (TAS)
Winner Section 16: C. Bailey (NSW), C. Kanchanakaphan (THA), M. Harvey (NSW), C. Curtis (NSW)
Winner Section 17: B. Bridger (QLD), I. Gardner (QLD), W. Cranston (QLD), P. Blackburn (QLD)
Winner Section 18: M. Nagy (NSW), S. Curtin (NSW), B. Signal (NSW), R. Girvan (NSW)
Winner Section 19: D. Jeffery (NSW), J. McCarron (VIC), M. Mclean (ACT), A. Howie (QLD)
Winner Section 20: M. Abd Jabal (MAL), M. Rusli (MAL), M. Abd Rais (MAL), F. Abd Muin (MAL)
Winner Section 21: R. Hunt (QLD), D. Johnson (QLD), R. Schoefield (QLD), R. Goodridge (QLD)
Winner Section 22: J. Hyatt (VIC), A. Hyatt (VIC), S. Shuttleworth (VIC), C. Elliott (VIC)
Winner Section 23: A. Kalnins (QLD), J. Bosisto (NSW), G. Spry (VIC), R. Jansen (VIC)
Winner Section 24: L. Such (NSW), J. Green (NSW), W. Turley (NSW), A. Forsyth (VIC)
Winner Section 25: D. Kaufer (SA), L. Stark (SA), M. Kaufer (SA), P. Kaufer (SA)
Winner Section 26: J. Newton (WA), R. Warbuton (WA), D Marsland (WA), N. Stevens (WA)
Winner Section 27: S. Dennis (SA), N. Pedersen (SA), W. Ruediger (SA), S. Thulborn (SA)
Winner Section 28: M. Keith (NZL), T. Cockerill (NZL), D. Archer (NZL), B. McAuley (NZL)
Winner Section 29: D. White (VIC), B. Ward (VIC), S. Barton (QLD), K. Barton (QLD)
Winner Section 30: S. White (NSW), B. Norman (NSW), N. Burkett (NSW), D. Holt (NSW)
Winner Section 31: B. Seaman (NSW), M. Goldsworthy (QLD), M. Masula (QLD), P. Earl (QLD)
Winner Section 32: L. Grainger (NSW), M. Lewis (NSW), C. Herden (NSW), D. Ferguson (NSW)
Winner Section 33: M. Carley (QLD), P. Black (ACT), I. Groves (QLD), S. Pryor (SA)
Winner Section 34: M. Ngui (WA), K. Bowden (WA), J. Galipo (WA), P. Wachmer (WA)
Winner Section 35: N. Scott-Morrison (NZL), S. Hoeft (NZL), T. Forward (NZL), C. Taylor (NZL)
Winner Section 36: A. Taylor (QLD), A. Brown (VIC), S. Gittoes (NSW), S. White (QLD)
Winner Section 37: J. Bain (NSW), G. Jenkins (VIC), N. Smith (NSW), N. Jenkins (NSW)
Winner Section 38: M. Waitai (QLD), G. Ingham (QLD), S. Prasaad (NZL), L. Newman (NZL)
Winner Section 39: D. Hatter (QLD), S. Martin (NSW), G. Adnum (NSW), T. Whittingham (NSW)
Winner Section 40: R. Bird (NZL), G. McTaggart (NZL), A. Turner (NZL), R. Thorn (NZL)
Winner Section 41: D. Shillington (QLD), G. Pearson (QLD), D. McWhinney (QLD), B. Melville (NSW)
Winner Section 42: R. Burnett (QLD), D. Burnett (UK), P. Foster (UK), A. Marshall (UK)
Winner Section 43: T. Webber (QLD), S. Potter (QLD), C. Monk (QLD), A. Paige (QLD)
Winner Section 44: B. Parker (SA), A. Lucas (SA), J. Gregory (SA), K. Coulls (SA)
Winner Section 45: L. Tighe (VIC), E. Roberts (NZL), P. Bird (CAN), G. Wilson (CAN)
Winner Section 46: L. Thompson (NSW), J. Thompson (NSW), S. Fitzalan (NSW), M. Gorrie (NSW)
Winner Section 47: W. Rowbottom (NSW), J. Clarke (QLD), W. Hedges (QLD), C. Pritchard (QLD)
Winner Section 48: M. Thatcher (QLD), J. Groenewege (QLD), R. WIld (QLD), S. Baker (QLD)
Winner Section 49: I. Stone (NSW), S. Franklin (NSW), I. Taylor (QLD), M. Turner (QLD)
Winner Section 50: S. Johns (NSW), R. Rimes (QLD), J. Arrowsmith (QLD), S. Ferrier (NSW),
Winner Section 51: B. Archer (QLD), B. Harris (QLD), R. Harris (QLD), B. Mitilnios (QLD)
Winner Section 52: C. Buccilli (VIC), M. Bowman (VIC), W. Takurua (VIC), G. Scott (VIC)
Winner Section 53: A. Durrant (WA), R. Havercroft (WA), S. Walker (WA), G. Pauling (WA)
Winner Section 54: F. Hashim (MAL), D. McDonald (QLD),G. Lenham (QLD), A. Latif (QLD)
Winner Section 55: L. Protopapas (VIC), N. Dalrymple (VIC), P. Hanlon (VIC), J. Barry (VIC)
NBQ1: J. Cottel (QLD), L. Litfin (QLD), B. Litfin (QLD), C. Litfin (QLD)
NBQ2: B. Wilson (NSW), B. Hoad (NSW), W. Burridge (NSW), S. Chapman (NSW)
NBQ3: N. George (QLD), A. Ashlin (ACT), C. Ryan (QLD), W. Masters (QLD)
NBQ4:D. Eather (NSW), D. Peoples (NSW), S. Thorning (NSW), N. Wise (NSW)
NBQ5: P. Morgan (WA), M. Hulbert (WA), S. Loftus (WA), J. O’Donohoe (WA)
NBQ6: D. Christie (QLD), J. Christie (QLD), N. Gosley (QLD), J. Corless (VIC)
NBQ7: J. Hrabak (NSW), R. Lee (NSW), M. Brennan (NSW), G. Brims (NSW)
NBQ8: G. Hardy (VIC), R. May (VIC), R. Gabb (VIC), W. Perks (VIC)
NBQ9: K. Barwick (NSW), S. Soper (NSW), T. Atcheson (NSW), M. Beesley (NSW)
Caption: 2015 Australian Open men’s singles winner Aaron Teys features among the all-star team of Sean Ingham, Corey Wedlock and Aaron Wilson.