Stars collide in first round of knockout

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The men’s pairs and women’s singles draw has not fallen favourably for the sports biggest names The coveted Australian Open women’s singles will be a red hot field with round of 128 match up’s being nothing short of challenging for some of the biggest names in the sport. 

Headlined with an international dual at Club Helensvale, Australian Captain Lynsey Clarke may have the home ground advantage, drawn at her home club; however that won’t concern one of the world’s best players Colleen Piketh who was in red hot form at Club Helensvale during sectional play. 

Another international dual features two rising stars of world bowls; 2015 Australian Open Singles Champion Ellen Ryan and Malaysian star Nur Fidrah Noh.  Other Australian Jackaroos who were unable to dodge the tough matches in the opening knockout round, St Johns Park’s Kelsey Cottrell will meet two-time Australian Open Pairs Champion Emma Brown whilst Defending Champion Natasha Scott will meet Queensland veteran Sue Brady. 

With Natasha Scott and Carla Krizanic battling it out at the top of the national rankings, a potential round of 32 clash will go a long way in deciding the 2016/17 Australian Female Bowler of the Year. 

Two rising stars of the sport, Australian Junior Jackaroo Jessica Srisamruaybai from Tweed Heads and Commonwealth Games hopeful, the World Junior Mixed Pairs Champion for Malta, Connie-Leigh Rixon will do battle at Gold Coast Lawn. 

The men’s pairs suffered more delays due to the inclement weather that hit the Gold Coast over the past two days; however with all the sections now complete, despite further delays today when greens went under water for the second day in a row, the knockout draw is just as thrilling as the women’s singles. 

Three matches worthy of an Australian Open men’s pairs final will take place in the round of 128. 

Club Helensvale’s Brett Wilkie and Nathan Rice will have their work cut out for them when they meet fellow Australian Jackaroo Ray Pearse and the man we now call ‘Aussie Jez’ Irish international Jeremy Henry at Paradise Point. And if that match wasn’t hard enough, the winner is likely to meet New Zealand Blackjacks Paul Girdler and Shannon McIlroy in the round of 64 if they get past Victorians Michael Bowman and Glenn Scott in their opening knockout match. 

It will be an international affair when Scottish brothers Ryan and Darren Burnett meet South Africa’s Donald Piketh and Gerry Baker in yet another cut throat first round knockout encounter; they are also drawn at Paradise Point in what appears to be the most difficult section of the draw. 

Two of Australia’s best Aaron Wilson and Aron Sherriff will meet National Assistant Coach Gary Willis and Commonwealth Games silver medallist and World Indoor Singles Champion Mark McMahon at Coolangatta. 

The winner of this match could meet Australian Jackaroos Wayne Ruediger and Scott Thulborn in the round of 32.  Women’s pairs kicked off today with all the favourites drawn at Mermaid Beach progressing to the round of 64. 

Last year’s runner-up’s Ellen Ryan and Julie Keegan, 2016 fours champions Tiffany Brodie and Chloe Stewart and last minute pairing of Natasha Jones and Kristina Krstic all went through sectional undefeated. 

The same couldn’t be said for Australian stars Carla Krizanic and Natasha Scott who suffered a five shot defeat at the hands of Tasmanian State Representatives Debbie Lee and Kim Saunders. Krizanic and Scott’s margin should be enough to secure them a ‘next best qualifier’ spot but nothing can be guaranteed with more sections of women’s pairs to be completed tomorrow. 

In perhaps the biggest shock departure in the women’s pairs was Canadian star Kelly KcKerihen and former Australian representative Claire Turley not winning a game today, with the Rixon sisters, Connie and Rebecca, from the Sunshine Coast topping section 14. 

Men’s pairs knockout matches commence on Monday June 19; women’s singles knockout matches are scheduled for Saturday June 17. 

Click here to view the Women’s Singles knockout draw.
Click here to view the Men’s Pairs knockout draw.

Women’s Singles Section Winners from June 14

Winner Section 57: Veonne Brown (Wallerawang, NSW)
Winner Section 58: Jessica Hogan (Cabramatta, NSW)
Winner Section 59: Wendy Ryan (Cooloola Coast, NSW)
Winner Section 60: Chloe Stewart (Broadbeach, QLD)
Winner Section 61: Lynette Neal (Croydon, SA)
Winner Section 62: Christine Myers (South Tamworth, NSW)
Winner Section 63: Karen Pickering (Broadbeach, QLD)
Winner Section 64: Carla Krizanic (Sunbury, VIC)
Winner Section 65: Kristina Krstic (Manning Memorial, WA)
Winner Section 66: Sue Brady (Mareeba, QLD)
Winner Section 67: Samantha Shannahan (Merrylands, NSW)
NBQ 1: Linda Morish (Pine Rivers,QLD)
NBQ 2: Natalie Noronha (Engadine, NSW)
NBQ 3: Geneveive Delves (Raymond Terrace, NSW)
NBQ 4: Faye Clarke (Caulfield Park Alma, VIC)
NBQ 5: Amelia Bruggy (Bendigo, VIC)
NBQ 6: Bronwyn Stevens (Te Rangi, NZ)
NBQ 7: Deborah Petersen (South Toowoomba, QLD)
NBQ 8: Joan Thomas (Tuncurry Beach, NSW)
NBQ 9: Heather Richards (Port Macdonnell, SA)
NBQ 10: Margaret Smith (Avoca Beach, NSW)
NBQ 11: Patricia Fraser-Aurisch (Neerim District, VIC)
NBQ 12: Beverley Greening (Broadbeach, QLD)
NBQ 13: Adele Pershouse (Bargara, QLD)
NBQ 14: Karen Mary Gatto (Adelaide, SA)
NBQ 15: Janine Katon (Aberdeen, NSW)
NBQ 16: Bronwyn McPherson (Forster, NSW)
NBQ 17: Sharon Steele (Weston Creek, ACT)
NBQ 18: Ann-Maree Peart (Tweed Heads, QLD)
NBQ 19: Joelen Bianchetto (Saint Johns Park, NSW)
NBQ 20: Carmen Anderson (Cabramatta, NSW)
NBQ 21: Emma Firyana Saroji (RMP Club Federal Territory, MAS)
NBQ 22: Sharon Harmer (Weston Creek, ACT)
NBQ 23: Jessie Cottell (Broadbeach, QLD)
NBQ 24: Noelene Dutton (Windsor, QLD)
NBQ 25: Karen Guilford (Johnsonville, NZ)
NBQ 26: Dee-Anne Robertson (Broadbeach, QLD)
NBQ 27: Lyn Cuthbertson (Broadbeach, QLD)
NBQ 28: Claire Sanders (Yarrawonga, VIC)
NBQ 29: Lisa Featherby (Mosman Park, WA)
NBQ 30: Pauline Beadman-Sweeney (Tewantin Noosa, QLD)
NBQ 31: Yvonne Bekeris (Somerton, SA)
NBQ 32: Christine McGuire (Laidley, QLD)
NBQ 33: Lyn Page (Howrah, TAS)
NBQ 34: Nicole Toomey (Victoria, NZ)
NBQ 35: Denise Huender (St Johns Park, NSW)
NBQ 36: Veronica Kelly (Mulgrave, VIC)
NBQ 37: Narelle Bennett (Thursday Island, QLD)
NBQ 38: Maree Gibbs (Millmerran, QLD)
NBQ 39: Harriet Posner (Toowong, QLD)
NBQ 40: Lindsay Nicholls (Coromandel, NZ)
NBQ 41: Diane Strawbridge (Kensington Wharangei, NZ)
NBQ 42: Kathryn Clarke (Charlestown, NSW)
NBQ 43: Debbie Howard (The Hills, NSW)
NBQ 44: Susan Laidlaw (Harbord, NSW)
NBQ 45: Gillian Baxter (Ivanhoe, VIC)
NBQ 46: Renee Arkinstall (Weston Creek, ACT)
NBQ 47: Julie Garry (Charlestown, NSW)
NBQ 48: Kelly McKerihen (Caulfield Park Alma, VIC)
NBQ 49: Anne Miles (Yarrawonga, VIC)
NBQ 50: Christine Gordon (Harbord, NSW)
NBQ 51: Anita Jenkins (ADF – Fitzroy, VIC)
NBQ 52: Gail Waitai (Broadbeach, QLD)
NBQ 53: Narelle Gunders (Salisbury Ladies, QLD)

Men’s Pairs Section Winners from June 14

Winner Section 1: R. Burnett (QLD), D. Burnett (UK)
WInner Section 2: G. Willis (NSW), M. McMahon (QLD)
Winner Section 3: P. Foster (UK), A. Marshall (SCO)
Winner Section 31: C. Conners (NSW), T. Orriss (NSW)
WInner Section 32: L. Sheedy (QLD), J. Zephyr (QLD)
Winner Section 33: G. Lawson (NZ), R. Bester (QLD)
Winner Section 34: G. Bainbridge (VIC), C. Fox (VIC)
Winner Section 35: M. Sharman (SA), C. Dew (SA)
Winner Section 36: A. Rees (NSW), A. Appleby (NSW)
Winner Section 37: R. Hector (NSW), A. Davidson (NSW)
Winner Section 38: B. Twist (NSW), D. Ferguson (NSW)
Winner Section 39: C. Wedlock (NSW), B. Johnson (NSW)
Winner Section 40: M. Perovic (NSW), S. Dalton (NSW)
Winner Section 41: D. Robinson (QLD), S. May (QLD)
Winner Section 42: D. Shillington (QLD), D. McWhinney (QLD)
Winner Section 43: P. Westcott (NSW), T. Nathan (QLD)
Winner Section 44: G. Taylor (NSW), J. Taylor (NSW)
Winner Section 52: T. Male (TAS), R. McMullen (TAS)
Winner Section 53: B. Wilkie (QLD), N. Rice (QLD)
Winner Section 54: P. Blair (NSW), P. Sharp (NSW)
Winner Section 55: R. Bannister (TAS), P. Bannister (TAS)
Winner Section 56: T. Trewarne (VIC), D. McKinnon (VIC)
Winner Section 57: I. Gardner (QLD), W. Cranston (QLD)
Winner Section 58: R. Thompson (QLD), K. Anderson (QLD)
Winner Section 59: A. Wilson (VIC), A. Sherriff (NSW)
Winner Section 60: H. McDonald (NSW), J. Noronha (NSW)
Winner Section 61: J. Buttfield (SA), G. Coultas (SA)
Winner Section 62: M. Leslie (SA), M. Malogorski (NSW)
Winner Section 63: G. McTaggart (NZ), R. Thorn (NZ)
Winner Section 64: I. Miller (SA), G. Ball (VIC)
Winner Section 65: N. George (QLD), A. Ashlin (ACT)
Winner Section 66: S. Thorning (NSW), N. Wise (NSW)
Winner Section 67: P. Fair (WA), M. Ellul (WA)
Winner Section 68: J. Newell (QLD), A. Hewson (QLD)
Winner Section 69: G. Lund (NSW), T. Allen (NSW)
Winner Section 70: K. Dixon (NSW), M. Dixon (NSW)
Winner Section 71: B. Rowland (QLD), E. Farnsworth (QLD)
Winner Section 72: M. Spring (QLD), R. Hakkens (QLD)
Winner Section 73: R. Davies (VIC), T. Webb (NSW)
Winner Section 74: G. Templeton (QLD), G. Dennis (QLD)
Winner Section 75: J. Breust (NSW), M. Sargeant (NSW)
Winner Section 76: P. Girdler (NSW), S. Mcilroy (NSW)
Winner Section 77: M. Pole (NSW), R. Logan (NSW)
Winner Section 78: G. Maskell (QLD), L. Schraner (TAS)
Winner Section 79: M. Foley (QLD), G. Pearson (QLD)
Winner Section 80: D. Stumbles (QLD), P. Thompson (QLD)
Winner Section 81: S. Aungier (WA), S. Diable (WA)
Winner Section 82: W. Long (VIC), S. Trewarne (VIC)
Winner Section 83: W Burridge, S Chapman (NSW)
Winner Section 84: P. Black (QCT), S. Pryor (SA)
Winner Section 85: L. Such (NSW), M. Lewis (NSW)
Winner Section 86: J. Crockett (QLD), O. Lockett (QLD)
Winner Section 87: P. Rowe (NSW), M. Rowe (NSW)
Winner Section 88: R. Stewart (QLD), L. Rasmussen (QLD)
Winner Section 89: J. Cook (NSW), D. Morrison (NSW)
Winner Section 90: W. Mutzelburg (QLD), J. Andersen (QLD)
Winner Section 91: J. Studham (SA), J. Davis (NSW)
Winner Section 92: D. Piketh (RSA), G. Baker (RSA)
Winner Section 93: J. Thompson (NSW), A. Gardiner (NSW)
Winner Section 94: A. Lucas (SA), J. Gregory (SA)
Winner Section 95: R. Pershouse (QLD), G. Silverthorne (QLD)
Winner Section 96: A. Bonnell (QLD), P. Deutschman (QLD)
Winner Section 97: R. Norquay (QLD), F. Krslovic (VIC)
Winner Section 98: R. Dixon (NSW), T. Sheridan (NSW)
Winner Section 99: T. Corba (QLD), M. Bannah (QLD)
Winner Section 100: M. Kenning (NSW), S. Jessep (NSW)
Winner Section 101: B. Bridger (QLD), P. Blackburn (QLD)
Winner Section 102: M. Abd Jabal (MAS), M. Rusli (MAS)
Winner Section 103: G. Simms (QLD), A. Taylor (QLD)
Winner Section 104: D. Jeffry (ACT), D. Cann (QLD)
NBQ 1: J. Rees (NSW), T. Appleby (NSW)
NBQ 2: B. Johnson (QLD), P. Balderson (QLD)
NBQ 3: S. Massey (NSW), P. Watson (NSW)
NBQ 4: B. Kelly (NZ), A. Kelly (NZ)
NBQ 5: J. Templeton (QLD), A. Murtagh (QLD)
NBQ 6: R. Wild (QLD), S. Baker (QLD)
NBQ 7: C. Herden (NSW), D. Holt (NSW)
NBQ 8: J. Thornton (VIC), B. Lester (VIC)
NBQ 9: M. Cummings (QLD), D. Keogh (QLD)
NBQ 10: D. Brown (QLD), T. Donda (QLD)
NBQ 11: P. Skoglund (NZ), J. Goodwin (NZ)
NBQ 12: W. Turley (NSW), A. Forsyth (VIC)
NBQ 13: M. Wrigley (SA), D. Edmunds (SA)
NBQ 14: G. O’Donell (NSW), C. Townsend (NSW)
NBQ 15: D.Birch (QLD), S. McLachlan (QLD)
NBQ 16: R. Bird (NZ), A. Turner (NZ)
NBQ 17: P. Ward (QLD), B. Mitilinios (QLD)
NBQ 18: J. Breust (NSW), W. Breust (NSW)
NBQ 19: J. McLennan (QLD), T. Broadbent (QLD)
NBQ 20: C. Wallace (VIC), C. Donaldson (NSW)
NBQ 21: C. Westcombe (VIC), C. LeLievre (VIC)
NBQ 22: K. Howard (QLD), M. Bondzulic (QLD)
NBQ 23: K. Ashford (QLD), S. Stones (QLD)
NBQ 24: M. Harvey (NSW), C. Curtis (NSW)

Women’s Pairs Section Winners from June 14

Winner Section 7: J. Tennent (VIC), C. Anderson (VIC)
Winner Section 8: G. Delves (NSW), D. Hayman (NSW)
Winner Section 9: D. Lee (TAS), K. Saunders (TAS)
Winner Section 10: B. Stevens (NZL), K. Inch (QLD)
Winner Section 11: D. Clarke (NSW), S Matthews (MSW)
Winner Section 12: S. Noronha (NSW), N. Noronha (NSW)
Winner Section 13: E. Saroji (MAL), S. Ahmad (MAL)
Winner Section 14: R. Rixon (QLD), C. Rixon (QLD)
Winner Section 15: N. Neal (SA), E. Kruger (SA)
Winner Section 16: K. Moran (NSW), K. Murphy (NSW)
Winner Section 17: V. Longfellow (NSW), C. Gordon (NSW)
Winner Section 18: S. Hill (NSW), S. Shannahan (NSW)
Winner Section 19: B. Wiley (QLD), S. Boddington (NSW)
Winner Section 20: L. Thompson (NSW), L. Witton (QLD)
Winner Section 21: L. Nicholls (NZL), J. Hogan (QLD)
Winner Section 22: Z. Khalid (MAL), N. Ismail (MAL)
Winner Section 23: S. Duffield (QLD), A. Heavecker (QLD)
Winner Section 24: H. McDonnell (NSW), D. Ellison (NSW)
Winner Section 25: N. Brennan (QLD), A. Jenkins (VIC)
Winner Section 26: M. Fennell (NSW), M. Wilton (NSW)
Winner Section 27: N. Jones (QLD), K. Krstic (WA)
Winner Section 28: E. Ryan (NSW), K. Keegan (QLD)
Winner Section 29: T. Brodie (VIC), C. Stewart (QLD)
Winner Section 30: E. Brown (QLD), N. Dutton (QLD)
Winner Section 31: P. Buckley (TAS), C. Dowl (TAS)
Winner Section 32: K. Leask (VIC), D. Hands (VIC)

Caption- Club Helensvale’s Lynsey Clarke will meet South African international Colleen Piketh in the round of 128 in the women’s singles at the Australian Open.